Tuesday, October 26, 2010


While I’m still brainstorming a new blog style, I’ve been itching to update the blog with a new post. So here’s something short and sweet, mostly to appease the masses that clamored and complain for an update or two.

It’s a badass feeling when you’re out riding and on a rare occasion unexpectedly form a scooter gang with other fellow happenstance scooterists. I managed to snap a pic on my way to work the other day. Most often, you feel compelled to ride along side one another as long as possible, perhaps even going the wrong direction, just to prolong the feeling of badass-ness and camaraderie. One could compare as a lone wolf appreciates now and then running with the wolf pack. Or something like that.

Also on a more serious note, the Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles recently changed some of their scooter/moped registration laws. Thus, the information I provided earlier in my blog as well as the side bar may no longer be accurate.