Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Wow, what great feedback from my fans! I'd like to take a moment and share some terrific and insightful comments from the world.

Kelly: going meatless is easier than you would think...(she lists many restaurants in the next paragraph, but I lost interest in reading)...http://www.101cookbooks.com/ has some great recipes... the options are endless. godspeed in your quest sir. [Uh, thanks Kelly!]

Matt: I don't really know how I can pretend to respect you anymore... I think that the sooner you fail at this, the sooner I'll regain my faith in you as a human.

Ben: Its not so bad -- I've cut out a lot of the meat in my diet as well, probably eat about 1/3 of what i used to (until I can afford local meat that I know what its been eating and how it was killed at least). You're asian... just fry up tofu into fake chicken pieces or something.

Elizabeth: looks like nothing on the panda express menu is vegetarian: "While Panda Express offers vegetable based entrees, they are not certified vegetarian due to our cooking process and use of shared equipment " and by cooking process they mean they soak everything in beef and pig fat. Be careful at lunch this week! I did a little research on qdoba and I think you're safe with rice and beans. [...DAMMIT.]

Meghan: But he didn't like his burrito today! He said it was "really sloppy and soft (that's what she said)."

Sonali: If you're looking for lunch places, I vote ABP/Panera - good sandwich/soup/wrap options, and their menus are well-labeled as to what is veg and what isn't...plus, you can generally watch them make your food. As for anything proclaiming to be a good meat-substitute -- no. It won't taste like meat and will probably be really, really bad. That being said, Trader Joe's has soy "meatballs" that are quite good (but don't taste anything like meat)...

Steve: There's a lot of talk of meats, how has no one said "that's what she said" besides Meghan?!
Said Ben, "I've cut out a lot of meat in my diet" - That's what she said
Said Kelly, "Going meatless is easier than you think." - That's what she said
Said Sonali, "It won't taste like meat and will probably be really, really bad." - That's what she said.....hopefully not to me...
I've used up all my "that's what she said" quota for the month. With that, good luck with your endeavors of going meatless (that's what she said). [Thanks man, excellent feedback, keep it up.]

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